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Monday, June 13, 2011

A new way of doing script development

For the next phase of development on my spec script Friend Request - I'm trying something new, well, new to me.

It is a development day.

The 'normal' way that most scripts are developed is that first, you write a draft (sitting on your own). Then send it to people for feedback. Wait. Get feedback, which contradicts one another mostly. Then try to write the next draft (sitting on your own again).

For me, it seems slow and not very much like fun. Fun isn't critical of course, but it is, well, fun :)

A development day uses all the same people as the slow way but gets them all in a room to kick the ideas about live. That way two things can happen. Firstly, if there are disagreements they can be discussed and a decision of the script made once and for all, done and dusted. Secondly, as people talk about ideas it always generates more thoughts in the "now you've said that, I makes it think this could be better" way. And there is a third benefit too, it sounds like more fun.

Whether it works or not - watch this space. But the goal is, to have one awesome day and have a really solid, decided, concrete notes for the next draft.

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