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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Making your effort visible

I took part in a corporate event this week, with guest speaker Gary Rhodes. Now Gary didn't rate my chocolates. But I will let him off because he did tell a story about that night's dinner from which I learnt an important lesson.

Showing the effort behind your work enhances it, rather than diminishing it.

If you are like me you sometimes think that it is better to keep quiet about the working process. To suddenly reveal a finished masterpiece as if to say 'look at what I did with no effort'. 

Gary however talks through his menu, highlighting the steps involved. Painting vivid pictures of every ingredient, articulating the various cooking methods. And, you know what, it made it taste better. Or at least made you think it tasted better. Which is the point.

By talking about this process it made us all appreciate it more. I am aware this advice flies in the face of convention. But I feel there is something to it.

So be proud of your drafts. Be proud of your changes and rewrites. Be proud of your inspirations. And share them.

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