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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

POV quick test

As you may have noticed over the past, I always strive to try new ways of working as much as possible. 'Try' as opposed to 'think about'.

When my action-orientated friend James lent me his GoPro camera I was thinking of making a 'proper' short film with it. But that takes a lot of planning and time. Instead, I just got out there and improvised something.

My thinking was, "Let's explore what the big issues are quickly and cheaply, before spending any money".

I think a lot of other film makers could do the same. 80% of the questions can be answered with only 20% of the time. This then frees you up to make sure the next stage is much more targeted.

For example, I think this particular camera just isn't up to the job of drama at all and I will be exploring the 'DSLR on the head' method next.

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Clay Lowe said...

poor monkey...