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Monday, March 14, 2011

POV / first person films

I've been exploring the idea of rewriting Friend Request as a first person story. In other words, we see the story from the protagonist's point of view (POV). More of the definition of this, here.

There have been a few films shot in this manner. Recently, The Diving Bell And The Butterfly did it - and I remember as a young lad being inspired by the opening to Dr Jekyll. Fellow film fans have also pointed me in the direction of Lady in the Lake from 1942.

None of these however seemed to capture the mood I was after. Plus, they left questions in my mind about how far the technique can go, especially around using modern equipment, post techniques and visual language.

How do you compress time when you can't cut away? How much can the audience take? Can you move about it time?

A search online found the rather excellent - Last Day Dream.

Last Day Dream from Chris Milk.

So, as this super-short shows, jumping around in time is obviously not a problem, provided you add temporal context. I emailed the director, Chris Milk, for his opinion on the POV technique now he has done it. In his reply he wondered if the technique has more to give or if it is a quick gimmick. But he did point me towards another great example, a longer music video...

Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe (Music Video) from Saman Keshavarz.

So it seems that more complex ideas of moving around in time will work, again with strong visual signposts to act as hooks.

What was also strange about seeing that film (which was sent by pure chance by Chris Milk) was that I knew the girl in it.

Darcy did some artwork for some of my films proposals a few years back as she is an art student who admired the Circumference trailer. This is one of hers...

I'm not a believer in fate. But I am a believer that if your talented friends are also interested in something - then there must be something in it.

More on POV as this work progresses. Particularly around how I find the rewriting process for this style of story, plus why I feel it will work for this film.

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Stephen Woods said...

Thinking of doing pov film, would love to chat