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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Society, Short Films

Recently, while looking at the BAFTA shorts, I was reflecting on the perceived prevalence of 'worthy films' in the short film arena.

These are films that feature a social issue, normally one that isn't very contentious or in need of further debate (e.g. human rights, who is going to argue against them!!!). Whether there is an abundance of these kinds of short films being produced, or whether they really do get selected for awards more readily than other films is hard to actually tell. But if you speak to a lot of short film festival goers they seem to feel so.

So I was extra pleased to see the above film. It is by a few people I know and features Jonathan Rhodes - aka Mr Vista.

Obviously, as they are film making friends, I was ready and willing to hate their film and deride their efforts so as to make myself feel better. Unfortunately for me - it is a great film. It is a kind of antidote to those worthy short films. Yes, it tackles a social issue. But it is a social issue that actually needs debate. Yes, it has a heart. But it shows it off in an entertaining manner that provokes and forces internal questions.

So my one bit of job news is... at least they have no chance of winning any awards. The poor fools have made a film that is too good!


Winner76 said...

Thanks for posting Tim. Another interesting point is that if you hold out for film festivals, your film's impact on a wider audience can suffer from missing the zeitgeist boat. But if you whack it online to contribute to the debate, no festivals will want it. I think you can therefore expect that less political films to be nominated for awards. Is that a bad thing? Probably, in that film has a contribution to political debate, and timely films wouldn't get recognised. I don't think this means less political films will be made, because I don't think people make them for the awards!

Tim Clague said...

That makes me think of starting my own award - Tim's Timely Award - for best zeitgeist seizing film!