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Thursday, February 17, 2011

You don't know all the names of the BAFTA nominated writers this year.


You don't know all the names of the BAFTA nominated writers this year. And maybe you never will.

The reason for that is, that some of the people in the "Best Story" category are not listed. See if you can spot what I mean...


Alan Wake
Development Team
Microsoft Games Studios/Remedy
BioShock 2
Jordan Thomas, Zak McClendon
2K Games/2K Marin
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Adam Rosas, Scott Bean, Dom Drozdz
Activision Blizzard UK Ltd/Treyarch
Fallout: New Vegas
John Gonzalez, Eric Fenstermaker, Travis Stout
Bethesda Softworks/Obsidian Entertainment
Heavy Rain
David Cage, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Scott Johnson
Sony Computer Entertainment/Quantic Dream & XDev Studio Europe
Mass Effect 2
Development Team
Electronic Arts/BioWare

So Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake were, it seems, written by everybody. There are two ways to think about this. Firstly, that yes, it is true, everyone does kind of steer the story. That is true in films and TV. But someone is usually in charge of the story. You may as well give that person or that team a shout out.

The second way of thinking may be slightly more of a challenge to us if we are writers from film and TV.

That second way is to take on more of an ensemble feel to your projects. I am very rarely the exclusive writer on a project and very rarely do I focus only the writing part of the creative project. I do other things and other people help me.

In many ways is it not better to say that "we all made it" rather than trying to put certain names into boxes that don't quite fit?

Also good to see Fallout: New Vegas on the list too - and now I know the names of 3 people to complain to about not writing enough lines for Veronica*!


M.joshua said...

That is very strange, indeed! But talk about sharp competition! Never before has game writing been so neck-and-neck! Perhaps embarrassingly, I've played through all of the title listed. All of them are superbly well-written. But I'm convinced that Heavy Rain is the one that should be awarded the winning spot. It's just the most natural and human of them all.

Tim Clague said...

Well I certainly don't feel it is embarrassing to have played all these games, as they are some of the best!

My only view against Heavy Rain is - is it too much about the story? A strange thing to say I know, but sometimes story can be subtle.

M.joshua said...

Tim, thanks so much for commenting back!

I understand what you mean about an over-emphasis on storytelling in an interactive experience. I simply think to myself, of all the games here, which one would my fiancee actually possibly want to watch me play?

As for the embarrassment, I guess I simply attribute that to how much of a time commitment I invested. It's about 200 hours plus.