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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Podcast 8: Practical Advice

In the new podcast myself and Danny Stack discuss:

  • Dear Podcast - two emails from listeners; one on Gnomeo and Juliet, the other on "do you need to do research, if so, what kind?" This second question was inspired by the technical details within The Social Network.
  • Joss Whedon's 10 rules, part 1. Discussing rules 1-5.
  • Reviews - online drama Persona and the game trailer for Dead Island.
  • Competition - an easy question, with faintly racist overtones!

Here is the trailer we discussed...

Plus one about Limbo.

1 comment:

Clay Lowe said...

Hi Fellas,

I enjoyed this week's podcast. Thanks for the practical advice. As you probably know Tim, I am a fan of structure and telling the story with cards and post it notes before I begin to write. I'm also a fan of asynchronous writing as well, i.e. not a slave to writing from start to finish but picking up and writing where ever in the story which makes having a structure even more important, I can do that without fear of getting lost.

I loved the Dead Island trailer, pretty spooky. Zombies seem to be dominating the monster scene at the moment. I always thought zombies didn't get their fair share of the limelight. Loads of people have glamorized vampires and werewolves, but not the zombie. May be it's time for a sexy zombie movie with a zombie for a hero.