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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Podcast 7: Building a Career

It can be hard to give the podcasts their titles as they tend to be a bit organic in nature and also bind together a few different themes. In this month for instance myself and Danny Stack look at building up your career. In detail, that splits down into:
  • BAFTA nominations - and how they affect us - following up my recent BAFTA short film posts about what it takes to get nominated and what is the competition like.
  • When should you give up writing? Rejection is one thing. But are you flogging a dead horse?
  • Chris Ware - the comic book guy is finally reviewed. His influence on my work.
  • Being Human v True Blood. Danny does a comparison.
  • Competition Time - thanks to the guys at MovieScope mag for sponsoring.
Also, if you check out this month's MovieScope then you can read an article based upon my recent discussions around writing for computer games. If this is your thing then check it out.

If you have ideas or issues you want to see discussed, get in touch.

I mentioned in the podcast that it can be best to listen via iTunes. Here is the link.

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