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Saturday, January 22, 2011

My message to Creative England

If you go to the new website for Creative England you will see these two fella-me-lads sitting around in the background.

For me, the problem with any film / media / creative body is that this is exactly what most people feel is happening there, people are just sitting around.

So my message to Creative England, as they launch with a fresh start, is to actively reach out to us all. The important word there is actively.

Actively means getting in touch with us and asking what we want and need in order to be successful. You know, like a business may reach out to its loyal customers. So this is hardly a controversial idea.

My question to all blog readers out there is, when did anyone from the body that is there to support you actually phone you up and see how are you? Never is the standard answer.

And yet if one single person was employed to phone 4 people a day, for a year, then they could get through 1000 people annually. The result: at least 1000 writers, directors, producers, have had someone phone up to say "hey, how's your projects coming along? Oh, I see, well you should speak to person x who can help you more"

Just imagine what impact that would have on morale and making us feel like a joined up industry. And that just involves employing one person to do it.

One person to connect 1000. So please - invest in cheap yet effective ideas like that - that is my message to Creative England.

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