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Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to get a BAFTA nomination for your short film - part 5

The last film to be nominated for the Best Short Film BAFTA is Paul Wright's "Until The River Runs Red"

The longest film, at near half an hour, it is also the only film that I felt could have been slightly trimmed in the edit.

The NFTS describe it thusly...

Chloe believes she is the only daughter of God. Her parents (the solemn Jack, and the caring Kate) love her but hide her away from the world. Memories from Chloe’s upbringing piece together another story and unveil a quest for a red river, which she must find so that she may transcend to heaven.

The look, in parts, was slightly reminiscent of a Japanese horror film, or the game Fatal Frame, if you know of that. Scratchy flashbacks full of religious imagery.

The central idea is intriguing enough, however at nearly half an hour I am not sure if the ideas could be covered more quickly, while still maintaining the same pace. The performances are all great and technically this is another fine film.

I suspect however that this is the lowest budget of the 5, certainly the lowest per final minute.


Danny Stack said...

How do you feel about this now that it's won the BAFTA, Tim?

Tim Clague said...

Disappointed as I feel that perhaps people won't check out the other excellent films.