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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How do you get a BAFTA short film nomination - part 2

Today's short film from the BAFTA nomination list is LIN by Hector Films.

This is the film makers' synopsis:
A woman arrives at a port town in an unknown country as dawn turns to day. Her recounted stories begin to contradict themselves as she travels across the landscape. She is searching for something, a shape or a structure, which we are not even sure exists. Along the road she is eventually forced into initiating the process of self-reckoning. As her artifice begins to fall away she finds herself continuing her journey but now with a sense of resolution.

If I am honest I would have to admit that after the first couple of minutes I was ready to dislike this film. I was prepared to write it off as being a 'worthy' film, one that has almost been designed from the ground up in order to tick a set of boxes to get into festivals. Perhaps a film that was trying too hard.

As the film progressed I found this to be untrue.

Admittedly the film does not use a traditional structure for its plot. It focuses much more on mood and doesn't concern itself with explaining the reason for the journey or character motives.

But I can see why this has been nominated. It tries to do something different - and manages it successfully. Now there is a lot of luck needed if you try to pull off this approach. If you experiment with form and mood then you can't expect to be on the money everytime. If you are a film maker who wants to be successful every time then you need to play it safe and start to follow formulas. These film makers have not done that. They took a chance - and it worked.

It was shot on the RED camera in some amazing locations that looked hard to find. Not an easy production, I would imagine, and certainly not cheap.

This nomination is deserved for having guts and sticking to a vision that must have looking unpopular on paper. You don't get a film like this if the director has another agenda of trying to themselves some TV work! You get a film like this if you love film.

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