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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What makes a great business card? 2010 edition.

Last year I looked at some of the best business cards from the Screenwriters Festival. People seemed to like it, so it is back this year. And with all new networkers.

What makes a great card. To me it is a card that helped you remember the person and who they were.

A test for your card is: If someone else could take your card, add their name instead and then use it - then the card has failed. It isn't personal enough. Here are my three winners.

Winner One: Andrew James Carter

Andrew is also an astrophysicist. But I didn't need to tell you that, the card has already filled in that information. Great to see a prize mentioned on there too. And one prize is all a card can take.

Winner Two: Simon Lord

Simon has an interesting double-sided card. The hand written look by itself wouldn't be so unique. But having a range of line drawn images on the other side means that as he hands them out we each get a different card.

Winner Three: Julie Gribble
Julie also has a two sided card - and they also have variety. They all featured a word cloud from one of her scripts. A great jumping off point into talking about the work. It almost begs to have a pitch heard!

Special Mention: Andy Walsh

This card from Andrew is on a type of shiny plastic that glints in the light. It is worth a mention as different materials can make an impact.

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