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Friday, November 26, 2010

More podcast fun

This podcast uses a slightly different technique. At the recent London Screenwriters Festival I asked fellow delegates what they had learnt so far. Myself and Danny then used these as a jumping off point for the discussion. We cover:
  • How should we feel about attending festivals?
  • Is genre a good thing?
  • Should you plan out your script before you start work?
  • Does the biz really want 'good' scripts?

PLUS we talk about "Alice in Wonderland", "A Town called Panic, Misfits and "Walking Dead".

AND FINALLY there is a chance for you to win Movie Magic software, DVDs and Moviescope subscriptions in our new competition.

1 comment:

Dean Lines said...

for the record. Alice In Wonderland...

It's now the 6th highest grossing movie... Of all time. Biggest hit of Burton's career. Made well over a billion dollars.

Perhaps fucking with the original story structure make it fit more with the ever popular monomyth has actually worked in their favour.r