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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Super 8, HDR video and other techniques - for a writer!

I was on holiday for a week in Santorini and saw that I had just missed the Super 8 festival in the small village of Oia.

Oia is a great location for a bit of Super 8 filming in itself, being perched as it is on the cliff tops. And I'm sure that an outdoor screening would be a big hit in that location.

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However, the rationale for this post is to focus on the ever increasing interest in different filming methods and formats. Some of these, like Super 8, are from the past. Others, such as shooting using a beam splitter to create a HDR video, are new.

As writers, we may feel that these things don't matter to the story. The story comes first, then the shooting format is picked later. And this is mostly true. HOWEVER, exploring new visual ideas is a great method of inspiration - just as any visual resource is. It is all good storydust.

Even better is to explore playing with these ideas yourself, if you can. Sometimes writers worry too much about making a full-on short. Experimenting with techniques and visual looks can sometimes be even better as way of learning.

Then, when a great writer creates material that matches an exciting look - that is a foundation for a fantastic, fully-realised, project.

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