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Friday, October 22, 2010

Less is more (work)

I was at a talk recently given by TED curator Chris Anderson - and held by Creative Bath.

I'm a big fan of TED, as should everyone who has an open-mind. But I was really interested in the fact that the talks are so short and punchy. I'd already featured this idea in the corporate video early in the year - and repeated above. As a short film maker I live a lot in the 'one reel' world.

So I asked him about it and he said in fact the speakers are asked to do 18 minutes. If you ask for 15, you get 20. But if you ask for 18, you probably get 18 - as it seems so precise!

BUT, the key learning point that we can all relate to is...

It is harder to do a shorter piece of communication than a longer one. As a writer of shorts I recognise that statement to be true. As with all things to do with changing people's minds, their hearts and their outlook the only tip can be: really know what you are trying to say and get everything else out of the way.


Anonymous said...

Great post. Fascinating concept. Thanks for sharing this.

Ian said...

Hi Tim, here's another TED talk you might enjoy...I was asked to talk at TEDxTransmedia in Geneva last month