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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A writer's job in 5 years time

What will your job, as a writer and moving image story teller, be like in a few years time?

One key change we could all see would be the detaching of format and story. By that I mean that you stop being a writer for a single mediumg. There won't be a TV writer, a radio writer and a film writer - not to the same extent there is now at least. Instead, you would have writers of franchises and certain genres and they work across all formats.

Why do I say that? Because the number of outlets and media types is increasing all the time. Having a different writer for comics, TV, web, webisodes, events, film, spin offs etc etc seems to make less and less financial sense PLUS seems worse for continuity AND for artistic vision. You are the writer, you write it all.

Can writers do this? I don't see why not. An actor can move between film, stage and radio plays and we don't feel that is odd. In fact, we celebrate it.

One glimpse into this future is a new site that indie film maker Rob Pratten has pulled together - Transmedia Storyteller. This helps story tellers tell stories across all media outlets. Send text messages from your characters, send emails, organise fictional blogs - all from this one place. A long overdue idea I feel. 

This idea of bringing characters into the real world isn't new of course. But doing it all from one place, so writers can do it, so we can concentrate on the story and not the technology - that is new. 

Check it out if you want a glimpse into one possible future for writers. 


Peter John Cooper said...

Hmm. Not sure. It's taken me forty years to work out how to write properly in one medium and there just ain't enough of my life left to develop other skills. Your point about actors doesn't quite stand up either because the vast majority of actors CAN'T move between art forms. Most film actors can't perform on stage for toffees and stage actors look hammy on film. There are a noble few who can make the transition but they are a tiny minority

Prisms of Light said...

Interesting idea! We are making a documentary about sprituality in India, perhaps you would like to check it out: