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Thursday, August 26, 2010


The second episode of the podcast is up and running.

There was a great response to the first episode, nearly a thousand downloads so far. It has been great to get so much feedback too. Thanks for everyone who emailed in. Personally, I've only had a chance to reply to about half of the emails so far, sorry for any delay.

We name check a few people in the podcast - and I decided to pick 'new' people rather than regular blog readers. So please don't feel shunned by that, it was purely to keep the 'gravity web' expanding yet further.

In this episode myself and Danny look at:

  • The London Screenwriters' Festival
  • The never-discussed issue of - can you actually make a living? In essence we look at what has now grown into the dark blue part of the Scriptwriters Life. Do you go for all or nothing? Or get by and make small bits of fun like Mr Vista? I bring up the point of; do you know what your "one slogan" is? This is the process I needed to go through when creating my animated resumé.
  • What makes a great first 10 pages of a script? Danny talks about moving beyond the set up and lessons learnt from reading entries to the Red Planet competition.
  • And in the reviews section I discuss a late 90s film called "The Eighth Day" while Danny goes crazy for two US TV shows "Southland" and "Breaking Bad".

As ever, the podcast will be featured here, on the podcast homepage and on Danny's blog. Or subscribe via iTunes so you don't miss out!


Learn Film Online said...

Ha Ha great pod guys.

manfromthezoo said...

...and a cracker it is, too.

Thanks for the namecheck Tim, and for dissecting some Red Planet submission conventions. As I said in Stackmeister's 'Comments', it's good to know what doesn't work to avoid the same, gory mantraps yourself.


Tim Clague said...

Indeed. More on that same line next time I think