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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If you are thinking of running a workshop or lecture - watch this.

I've been running and helping to organise a lot of workshops and educational events recently, including one for the MyOneWord competition.

Like me, I expect you have gone to many different workshops, courses, seminars, lectures, festivals - and any other name that I have forgotten.

A lot of them soon descend into a series of dull monologues (even though everyone involved is great) and you wish you could sneak off after lunch. The reason; writing is a 'doing job' and listening to people talking about, thinking about, doing it isn't really all that helpful.

Another reason is that they normally consist of hour long talks. As writers, we should know that this isn't engaging. Ever written a hour long scene - or even a sequence of scenes? Me neither.

With that in mind, I made this. If you are thinking of running a workshop or lecture - watch it.

(note: this looks at using the idea in business meetings - but it applies just the same)

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Anonymous said...

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