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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making $1000 from my old short films.

I was initially sceptical of mDistribute. They are a distributor for short film content. Others have done this before of course, following a business model similar to how feature film distributors work.

mDistribute is different, in that it is much more of web2.0 business model. The buyers aren't the public. They are people like mobile phone companies who need, for example, 1000 comedy short films for their portal.

It's easy - you upload your films and set your own price. An interesting exercise in itself; how much is your short worth? They take 25% of the sales, which isn't too bad. Nothing to pay upfront obviously. There is a simple verification process that takes a few days, so that the site doesn't fill up with rubbish.

A lot of these kind of sites don't take off. But so far I've earned about $1000, which isn't to be sniffed at. This is mainly from Mr Vista clips - which travel well and are nice and short. A big seller, that I haven't tapped into yet, is to make really short (and loud) clips that can be used as video ringtones.

If you are interested then click on the logo at the top.

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