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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The future after the UK Film Council - a podcast

Everyone is talking about what the future will be like without the UK Film Council - which has been suspended this week.

Whatever happens next, the big thing I want to see is an increase in communication, support and mentoring. To illustrate my point I will simply ask you this; when was the last time anyone phoned you from one the official film bodies to ask how you were getting on?

I know the admin around that is enormous, but also simple. And what an effect it would have. Joining people up and kick starting new projects. Just by talking. It isn't always about a lot of money. But it is about seeing your role as not being an admin department, but a supporter of every film maker.*

These are big thoughts and big questions. So it seemed like a good idea to get together with fellow writer Danny Stack to discuss it all. And if we are doing that; why not podcast it anyway? This was Danny's idea as he felt there was a hole where an intermediate-level scriptwriters podcast should be. And I think he is right.

So check it out below. 

Also in this episode: why I want to move into origami and why Danny wins the name-dropper prize.

We are thinking of doing more of these, but as with all things on-line, it is very much on a 'suck it and see' approach. Or in this case 'speak it and see'. To hear it click on the play button below.

Any future issues will be posted here and on Danny's blog. Or subscribe via iTunes so you don't miss out!

*I realise this wasn't the role of the UKFC, this is instead about starting to think about doing things differently in the future.


Marcus said...

Really enjoyed the podcast. Nice to hear a balances debate about the UKFC from people genuinely involved in the industry. keep them coming.

Marcus said...

balances = balanced, curse you predictive text!