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Monday, July 12, 2010

An animated CV - showing, not telling.

A while ago I was admiring how designer's can make some awesome CVs / resumés. The reason they can create such interesting documents is that, for them, their CV is presented as piece of design. So it impresses straight away, it shows rather than tells. An example is at the bottom of this blog post.

And, obviously, as film makers and creative people we should be able to do something similar too. What I had in mind was more than simply a showreel, a showreel shows only the final work. What was required was the content of a CV (style, interests, approach, successes, awards, work) in a moving image form.

My first effort is above. I've called it an animated resumé (it is designed for international viewers who don't use the term CV) which seemed to be a good name for what I was trying to achieve.

Check it out. If you do one too, or have one already, let me know.

I've put it on its own webpage - - which I coded myself. It's not as slick as ones that  film website experts like Steve Andrews put together, but it's enough for this pilot.


Jacob Share said...

Tim, your video resume is beautifully executed and inspiring, while absolutely impressing the viewer about your skills and achievements.

Great job.

I've bookmarked it for my next creative resume roundup.

How long was the creation process from start to finish?

Tim Clague said...

It took quite a while Jacob. First to think up the format and how it would work. Then writing and recording the audio. That took about a day. Collecting the material was done here and there over a couple of weeks. The editing was done, again in a patchy manner around other work, over 3 weeks. Then the review process was slow, as I sent it to key people in recruitment for their feedback first.

In summary, I would say it is a week's work. But you can't do it in a solid week because of the need for review and reflection.

Jacob Share said...

Thanks for explaining your process, Tim, I'll pass that on too. Good point about the need for reviews, and it was a good idea to get recruiters for that.

Alex Brown said...

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