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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Every child a scriptwriter

I've been asked to create a video on a scheme that is happening right now across England called "Every Child A Talker".

It is about ensuring that children have good communication skills by the time they go to primary schools - so it is aimed at 0-5 year olds. Obviously, it is actually aimed at the parents and the adults involved in working with this age group. The reason for setting up this large project is to cure a large problem. The problem that over 50% of children are behind in their communication skills when they start school - meaning that not much actual teaching can occur.

But what is interesting is the use of story telling and art direction in this scheme.

With storytelling - the nursery staff shouldn't read from books. They should tell the story themselves. Everytime it can be different and the children can change the direction of the story as they want - all very story 2.0!

With art direction - the key is to remove clutter from behind the storyteller (no posters, pictures etc) and to have a neutral wall (off-white, no colours) so that the focus is on the storyteller.

All very advanced stuff and good to see storytelling being put at the heart of everything, from the moment children are born.


Douglas Dougan said...

Tim, sounds interesting. I'm doing two similar projects here in Scotland: one aimed at primary school age children, and another for secondary school children. Use of storytelling and film narrative is at the heart of it. Results show that moving image media improves literacy across the board.

Good luck.


Tim Clague said...

Sounds good Douglas. I know similar things are happening in Scotland. But this scheme is about using all the moving image techniques without actually using any moving image technology. In fact, NO technology.