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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scriptwriters Life - print it big!

A lot of feedback around the Scriptwriter's Life diagram is about printing it out. People like the idea of having it around, but perhaps their printer doesn't do it justice. Of course there is always the low-ink version I created. But why settle for that?

So I've uploaded the very highest, full on, quality version to Zazzle. There you can print it out as a poster if you like. Right up to supersized poster that's as big as me!

The mouse mat and T-shirt were just for a bit of fun while I was there. But they make a good treat to yourself or your writer chum.


Mike Wooles said...

Hi Tim,

I like it. Perhaps you should do bloggers version with inspiration, detachment, connections, snacks, and 'typing frenzy' and 'broken hyperlink and spelling shame' somewhere in the middle.

Other off-shoots could include 'Eye strain from writing war and peace on smart-phone' and 'Lost a day but finished article!'

Best wishes,

Tim Clague said...

All too near the knuckle those ones Mike