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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Just out of reach

Do you know the feeling; the feeling that something is just out of your intellectual reach?

You know something in your work is not correct, that it is not as good as it could be, that it is tired and dull. This - you know. But what can you do about it, what is the answer? Well - heck - you kind of know that too. But it is out of reach. You know it is there, but you can't see it - kind of like the door in Doctor Who the other day. Or perhaps like the character in my own Hope.

You say to yourself - if only I was 10% more clever I could join these damn things up. But, somehow, you aren't. You just can't see far enough.

1 - Do you know that feeling?
2 - What is it called?

It feels like a dead neural connection. It was once there linking up two parts of the brain but has since perished.*

* old age is not the answer before any of you cheeky people jump in with that!

Picture: Detour by Darcy Ripley.

1 comment:

Paul Draper said...

1. Yes I know that feeling
2. I'll call it the 'cognitive chasm', but I believe the distance of it varies due to the following factors:

Time of day.
Emotional state.
Blood-sugar level.
Closeness to material.

Of course it may be you have a chasm on a piece that can get pretty damn narrow but still not be crossed, it's then perhaps it should be shown to others.

It's quite possibly the case that you could bridge someone else's gap and provide the telling jump, even if the intellectual level of her piece was the equal of your own.

Stephen King recommends putting your first draft in a locked draw for long enough for you to forget about it, then approach it with a fresh mind.

Something in this, I reckon.