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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Creative Gravity - new version

I finally got around to creating a special version of the Gravity animation just for writers and creative people.

This brings the project full circle. The Gravity idea was created as a part of a set of training materials for people involved in sales, especially financial sales. However, I used the ideas I had seen successful freelance writers use as the basis.

But the media / creative markets are very different from the financial sales market. Financial sales has the pressure of making repeat sales day in, day out - which can lead to a kind of short-termism. Writers on the other hand are always concerned with their good repuatation and throwing their net wide. The Gravity animation was a way of showing the benefits of this longer term approach in a graphical way.

Now I've reworked it back to the creative industries in this new version. Check it out. But also remember that we could learn a lot from the financial guys about actually remembering to ask for the work and being a bit more pushy.

What the video doesn't cover is HOW to raise your gravity because this is unique to each person. Here is an ideas list to kick you off.

  • Put yourself forward to help out anyone with their projects
  • Be a volunteer
  • Be a script judge
  • Be online - blogs / twitter etc
  • Share what works - be open, that's what draws people to you
  • Don't be afraid to network - set a target of meeting 5 new people at every event
  • Give something practical away when you meet people so they keep it and remember you*
  • Be a mentor
  • Be a mentee
  • Give talks / conferences
  • Keep in touch with people actively - use a diary, don't just think about doing it
  • Think about the one thing you do differently - what sets you apart from other writers?
  • Make sure you can explain the one thing easily - in a film poster manner!
  • Do it often.

I know you may not like all this talk about Creative Gravity and reputation, which then strays into marketing and branding. However, it is crucial to realise - you already have a reputation - you already have Gravity - so it makes sense if you try to steer it and guide it.

* I often hand out copies of the Scriptwriter's Life diagram.
Music by Titas Petrikas.


Paul Draper said...

Nice metaphor Tim, it holds true.

What was the animation done in?

Tim Clague said...

A couple of local Bournemouth guys did it - in 3D studio max I think. They had a short turn around so probably could have done an even better job with more time. But its still cool. I gave them a bunch of marbles as their inspiration!

Paul Draper said...

And also as their payment?

Tim Clague said...

No. This was during the Marton House time - so it was a pay day all round dude.

Paul Draper said...

Ok good to know, although some marbles are obviously fairly valuable eg Elgin.