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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Metro 2033

The Times has an interesting article about a book (now becoming a game) called Metro 2033. Read the article here.

The book has been hugely successful and the game is quite well anticipated. Here are three interesting things about the project - none of which could have been true 5 years ago - and what makes it relevant to us.

1 - The book is by Dimitry Glukhovsky. He started publishing it on his blog with comments and criticisms from blog readers prompting a radical rewrite and a whole new second half. The rewrite was then also published on his blog.

2 - The book then got published in book form and has sold well. However, the free version can still be downloaded.

3 - The book then got picked up for adaptation - not into a film, but a PC game (for now). The game meant Dmitry could be more closely involved.

All 3 of these represent our changing times and prove that the project plans you had in place a few years ago may need looking at again.

A couple of links...

Wikipedia page
Official site


M.joshua said...

Tim, these posts are the ones that really got my attention and made me appreciate your blog. I've been reading you for a while and I greatly appreciate your insights on screenwriting for game design.

I'm presently an interactive (web) designer/art director in Pennsylvania who has a love for writing. I've also wanted to get into game design for the last 18 years (since I was 9).

Your exploration on the subject makes me very much want to talk to you more.

I would love it if we could talk via email. I'm at

Tim Clague said...

Thanks for those kind words.

Definitely more to come on games as that medium grows and I get more involved.

If you have any ideas on blog topics, let me know.