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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Games: Finding work

Everyone loves a list, so here is a list of online resources to find work as a writer in games...

These are recruitment companies that specialise in the field.
Games Recruit
Interactive Selection - who found me my current position.

These websites collect together jobs from elsewhere so you can search more easily.
Games Job Board
Edge Magazine Online
Games Industry.Biz

Here are just a few of the UK based games companies where you can apply directly.
Bizarre Creations
Black Rock Studios (Disney)
EA (Electronic Arts)
Realtime Worlds - where I am now.

Sidelines is worth a special mention. They are the closest thing to an agency for games writers there is. I have found them approachable and they rep one of my colleagues, Gordon Rennie.

Several of the traditional agencies have interactive divisions, such as Independent , but I must confess I have such set-ups to be weak and underfunded, perhaps run by someone looking after it as a sideline to their 'real' duties. United used to do this also, but have stopped altogether.

Here is an example job description so you can see how they list requirements in quite a formal way, totally unlike being a writer for film or TV.

Next post I'll be looking at how you may approach applying for such roles.

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