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Thursday, January 07, 2010

"Up in the Air" and back down here on the ground.

Up In the Air is a new film, adapted from a book by Sheldon Turner and Jason Reitman (the latter also directing) and featuring George Clooney.

I liked it. But then I should do as it is like a merging of my own scripts Circumference and Friend Request.

It features the empty life of a business man (as in Circumference) with the visual metaphor of looking down on the world but not living within it (as in Friend Request).

There are differences of course. They used airline flights and I used Google Earth (being the nerdy type) and they used redundancy and I used sales techniques. These changes actually alter the plot and characters as you would expect. But they have a much greater influence upon the style.

The big surprise is that these changes have little effect on the underlying themes and topics. All 3 projects have that same 'vibe'.

I learn two things from this.

One: The theme is stronger than any of the elements that fit within it. The different 'skins' we apply don't change the underlying feelings. For instance, the themes of being disconnected in the modern world are explored differently by Reitman and by my scripts - but it is the same themes being discussed. Audiences that like Up in the Air would like Circumference.
Two: I take strength from the fact I am on the right path. I enjoyed the Up in the Air, it works for me.

And maybe there is actually... Three: Nothing really matters unless you can get George Clooney to be in it.

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