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Sunday, January 17, 2010

New music for Everyday Man

The good (and laborious) thing about having made films is that they then last forever. On one hand, a nice short cut to eternity. On the other hand, a never ending task, like being a parent.

One of my films, ironically, deals with eternity. Everyday Man was shot on Super 8 film (meaning it doesn't date in terms of aesthetics) back in 1999. But it resonates with many viewers and remains popular despite never winning any awards, prizes nor gaining big reviews or going 'viral'. It is one of those films that just constantly trickles in viewers over the years and some people really love it.

Here is a new music composition for it from music student Georgina Taylor.

What I liked about this new treatment is how different it made the film feel. I would say it makes the audience consider the nature of the narrator more, who is he and is he for real? It is interesting how a change in music can cause this.

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