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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Games: Resources

Following on from my recent post on writing for games here is a list of a few online resources that I use during the day - not including wikipedia obviously as that is a given!

The challenge during a working day is to keep on pumping ideas into the brain as well as to find new words, new phrases and to check your text-based work for spelling errors.

Thesaurus - because your brain just freezes up when you write a lot of similar material continously.
Urban Dictionary - because the MS Word dictionary don't do slang dawg.
Digg - because it is news, as chosen by nerds.
Slangsite - so you can know the latest crazy terms.

Lastly, I tend to watch clips like these, they deliver colourful language, quickly. In fact, the very small amount of text / dialogue in a game focuses you on delivering emotions and information in a short amount of space. Perhaps like poetry in that regard, but others are better placed to comment upon that idea.

Or if you prefer bad language you may choose to view...

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