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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pitch and Pins. (or how to make a pitch competition work for you)

I just came joint second in a big pitching event at the Screenwriters Festival (UK). Which is good going. 10 fellow pitchers pitching to a big crowd and a panel of experts - selected from about 2000 entries.

But, to me, the big benefit to doing your pitch in this fashion (in this economic climate) is not that it will be instantly snapped up but that is part of the process of raising your visibility.

In the spirit of that I made, wore and handed out these badges leading up to the pitch. They are a big tongue in cheek obviously, a bit silly, a bit bold - perfect for this audience. And well done to Kai who wore his none stop.

Essentially these pitching competitions are marketing exercises. So get on board and plan your marketing also. Next year badges won't work. So bring your helium balloons! Just don't forget to actually work on your pitch too!


The Gorv said...

Never miss a trick, eh Tim? Badges, bullets, beans...

Congrats on your runners up slot.

Jon Peacey said...

Didn't remember to congratulate you at the time- very remiss of me- I was ironically trying to collect my thoughts for my own pitches the following day.

Anyway, just to correct this, a big congratulations. :)

Personally, the day you find me pitching from a stage in front of a cast of thousands you'll be spotting the men in white coats by the side of the stage as well.