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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stop thinking about scripts and films!

flower game

Bizarre advice it would seem. But sometimes we need to get our head out of own industry. That way lies post-modernism gone mad, at best. At worst - old ideas - as discussed in the previous blog post.

Part of the red circle in the Scriptwriters Life diagram is about 'Inspiration' - particularly from other art forms. So it is important to step outside of our narrow artistic view and think about the wider world and see what is going on in other art forms. And by art forms I could mean cartoons, comics, novels, games - whatever you like. I like reading the short stories in McSweeneys and was inspired by the passive central characters of Chris Ware. Elements of both went into my latest spec.

So look around. See how others are pushing back the boundaries and then compare that to your work. Integrate it. Use it. Be inspired by it.

In the spirit of that, here is an extract from an interview (in Edge magazine) with Jenova Chen on the design of his totally unique Playstation 3 game "Flower"

I read a lot of psychology and sociology because I think I can learn a lot more things from them than by reading game design books. People who write game design books make traditional games, so it's not really theory. I find things like ... architecture, psychology and sociology help game design more. If you just play other games you are not going to learn anything.

Personal work update - as I always forget to mention what I am actually doing.

  • Writing a series of web ads
  • Been commissioned to create a film about a local children's centre
  • Editing up a series of video interviews I did at the Speechwriters Conference
  • Another secret project - too early to say

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