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Monday, September 21, 2009

Offline, online, offline, online

Missing the feel of a DVD in your hand? Sick of having to buy ever bigger hard drives to hold every episode of The Wire? Well how about this article from TechRadar...

Thanks to Google's classic literature scanning efforts and those fancy new 'electronic readers' both doing their bit to make books cool again, it is now the height of fashion to be seen sitting there reading a story rather than watching YouTube clips or the latest rapidly-edited US drama serial.

Which has led to a bizarre technical paradox - Google is set to let readers order hard, paper-based, physical copies of the classic books it's previously digitised.

Google will allow on-demand printers to access the two million books in its digital archive, letting wannabe readers order copies of rarities it's yanked out of the archives. The printing process will be carried out by a quick book printer called the "Expresso Book Machine" which is apparently capable of printing and binding a 300-page paperback in five minutes.

Makes you wonder if this is the future for film too? Go into HMV and print out any blu-ray or DVD. Or how about see any film ever made at your local flicks if you can get 20 people together.

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