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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Have you seen this cabin?

Have you seen a log cabin like this in your neighbourhood woods? Do you even have neighbourhood woods? Heck, I've never seen a log cabin like this. Ever! Have you?

I'd love to try and get lost in the woods and look for one but the reality of modern Britain is that you can't walk more than 20 minutes before you hit an A road and / or the middle classes cycling up some disused railway. What fun.

And yet many student film makers still want to feature a log cabin because they have seen it in numerous films. Films, presumably, shot in California - home of the log cabin. Okay - maybe Montana is - but you get the idea. At a recent talk I gave to media and film lecturers they all said that this kind of second-hand film making is still true.

So to all students I say - look around you. Run down social housing where water drips down over crumbling concrete, the old coal mine when the soot chokes your lungs, the victorian collapsing sewers three feet beneath our feet.

These are where we can get lost. This is were our horror lies. And the different setting makes shocks and scares easier to find.

For inspiration (and not just for horrors obviously) look around you - not at other films.

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