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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bad news day

I have never seen such a 'bad news' day in today's Media Guardian.

Just about every single article is about falling revenue and searching for new sources of money.
  • Murdoch is wanting to charge for access to The Times online (can't see that working in an age of most people reading news by following links from friends)
  • Ad revenues generally falling across all formats.
  • And we all know about deep cuts in commercial tele.

What are we to make of all this as people a bit further down the line of revenue streams? Should we be concerned that companies find it hard to make money by selling their programmes / products - and even harder by using ad revenue? And therefore are making fewer new shows? Hiring less crew? Commissioning fewer writers?

I say - it just means shift perspective.

It means working on ideas that can benefit from some ad revenue, PLUS some funding, PLUS have other spin offs. That is what I have been working on with Delete Friend - getting it ready for Pixel Pitch. This is a story pre-designed for a multiple outlet, multiple revenue source age.

It means only doing projects that you are totally passionate about. Ideas that you don't mind talking about again and again - because you love them. For me, that is Circumference. The kind of projects that you will keeping going with - whatever the economic situation.

Lastly, it means just going it alone and sorting it out yourself. When the status quo is rocked is that it disturbs that market. It creates a vacuum. Good news. People may as well watch Mr Vista as anything else.

Above all - and this has been an ongoing theme on this blog for ages - remember that...

... you want to tell stories and other people want to hear them.

Everything else is just detail.

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