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Saturday, June 13, 2009

UK Film Council development fund - the real facts!

Now don't be scared. It's only a chart! But you may need to click on it to see the detail.

If you are thinking of going in for the UK Film Council development fund these are the figures you should be aware of.

In many ways this is a great fund to have in the UK. They have a special sub-fund just for 'first timers' and you can get up to £25,000 to help develop your feature!

But maybe, if you are like me, you wonder what are the odds of getting through as a first-timer. Here are the approx stats as gleaned from the recent ScriptMarket event. These figures are for the first feature fund.

It adds up to over 1000 applications a year. The big blue part being those that then get rejected straight away. The top yellow bit is the 25 or so that actually get awarded money. The green dot on top may not even be visible but this is the 0.3% that get through to actually being made in some form or other, even as a TV movie.

So tough odds. But worth a go. It takes little to apply in terms of work. But remember, you just get one go with that project and it needs to beat a lot of competition to get to the peak!


potdoll said...

i am on this scheme and i have to say i am learning so much and the passion and committment of the people there is inspiring.

potdoll said...

i meant the first feature film scheme... forgot to say

Tim Clague said...

Awesome. A personal recommendation to be a part of it! Nice to hear positive things said about development.