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Monday, June 15, 2009

How to Practise Pitches

Not that kind of 'pitch' of course!

But instead, how do you practise your film / TV pitch? We all know that practise is a good idea. But how? Here is a technique I picked from the Scriptmarket.

Firstly think of how we measure a good pitch? That isn't the same as what makes a good pitch. There are all sorts of methods and techniques people use to put together their pitch. But how often do we think about what the pitch is supposed to do? What is its job? Only if we understand what is supposed to do - can we decide if ours will do it - or not!

The pitch has to be 'pass-on-able'

That is, the person you tell it to, has to tell other people the same thing. Simple as that. It must be retainable and a repeatable. Simple, but hard to test. Unless you use this pitch exercise.

1 - You get together with a scriptwriting chum
2 - You tell them your pitch
3 - They tell you yours
4 - You check that each one takes no more than 2 mins
5 - Then you repeat the other persons pitch back to them - and they repeat yours back to you
6 - You see if they are repeated accurately. Was the important elements in there? Were incorrect elements added? Were important things missed out?
7 - Rework as necessary. But you can't try it again with the same person for obvious reasons. So find a new chum!

The clever part of this exercise is that you actually checks if the pitch works. It doesn't matter how clever you think it is. If the other person can't remember it and repeat it - it doesn't work. Redo it.


Robin Eveleigh said...

How do Tim. Here's a link to that online writers group I mentioned to you the other day:


Tim Clague said...

Thanks Rob. Keep in touch tho!

Robin Eveleigh said...

Aye, will do. We'll have to have a beer or several in October.