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Monday, May 18, 2009

My Series Bible

I'm currently working on my project for the pitching event at The Screenwriter's Festival.

If you don't know about this project then check out my pitch for it below.

I am trying to pull the series arc together. And, of course, as you start to work on it, really work on it, you realise you know nothing. Here are some of the questions I am asking myself - and this should work for any project really:

  • Why are the characters doing what they are doing? Does it make sense? Or is it just to push the story for story along because you need them to?
  • How is this not like it's nearest equivalent? For me this would be something like My Name is Earl - in what ways am I approaching it differently?
  • On the other hand in what ways is it similar to successful shows?
  • Does each episode seem different enough to be exciting - yet similar enough to hang together?
  • Does each episode open things up and raise exciting questions - so the audience will stick around?
  • Most importantly - how tied together is this series? What would be best - a series of standalone episodes that can be enjoyed almost in any order (like a sitcom) or a full-on long story (as in Lost or Heroes)? I'm going down the middle at the moment, which perhaps feels weak

So my first step has been to collect together all these thoughts. My next step is to sort out the order of the episodes using the chart technique. Then lastly get that together in a document.

I can also see how perhaps working 100% on the characters first would be the best idea. But I prefer to do characters and plot together even though I believe this is a slower process.

If anyone has additional 'questions' they use then I will add them to the list above.

On another note:

A contact of mine, experienced production manager Annie East (eastenders etc) is running a short summer school for children who want to make a film. It is based on a successful programme that has been running in London for years. And she has brought it down here to the Bournemouth and Poole area. Here is how she bills it...

Filmsteps has arrived in Poole! Launching with a fabulous 5 day workshop, children aged 7-16 will have the opportunity to make a movie in a week, topped off with a wrap party and their very own premiere screening at a big screen cinema. Workshop dates are 27th -31st July.

For enquiries please tel: 0844 579 1721 or email or visit the website or check out our behind the scenes video.

Many thanks

Annie East - Head Teacher

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