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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Get a proper job

Both Hugh MacLeod and Seth Godin are always saying - it is important to think of your creative life as one thing. This post is in the spirit of that.

I wrote and directed the majority of this product designed to get people back into work - a Job Kit if you like, hence the title. It's a first class product if I say so myself. Not because of what I did. But because I spent a long time discovering the things that really make a difference when you are looking for work with experts in recruitment, head hunters etc. Then we shot for over 2 weeks, spent 4 weeks in the edit and then a further 2 months building the site with examples, downloadable content (like template CVs), case studies and so on. Everything you'd need really.

Previously this kind of high-end help was only available to upper management - it was too expensive for the people at the sharp end, guys like you and me. But I was keen to make something that took all that great advice and help and made it available to everyone. Less elitist. That was the reason I put the effort in really. Plus it is always great to work with my film making collaboraters (DoP Shaune Fradley and fellow director Andy Marsh) on a project with some cash behind it. This had a budget of £100k.

Well it's out now on Amazon. If you know someone that needs help getting back into work as they have been out of the loop for a while or just need some solid no fuss help then send them towards it. I recommend it. Not really for my work, but because of all the proper, real world advice that I managed to squeeze in there.

It's also available online if you are more of the web based dude - which you may well be. But only through some crazy spam looking website! Which will hurt your eyes.

Here's a short trailer edited up by my good German friend Jurek.

I guess my conclusion to all this is that you can bring your film making skills, your writing skills to the unlikeliest of projects if you believe in it. For me it was about opening out this knowledge to more people, to the people that really need it, rather than keeping it for just the few.

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