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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Doin' the hard graft

Something that will be on the new version 2 of The Scriptwriter's Life will be - Doing the work.

It is all too easy to start things, to have new ideas (obviously this blog is mainly about that) and to want to kick things off.

That's good stuff. Of course it is. But it counts for nothing if you don't see it through. When perhaps your enthusiasm for dressing as a big rhino wanes - and yet you have 10 miles still to run. That is what I have been doing - metaphorically naturally.

  • Rewriting two features - done.
  • Continuing Mr Vista - ongoing.
  • Working on my secret recession beating scheme - halfway through.

All of these are projects that have perhaps lost the original shiny sexiness of being new. And are now real slugging away projects. But that is a big part of the job. Persistency.

So here are three very simple (and obvious if I'm honest) tips for completing the marathon of writing and film making.

One: Bite size it. Tasty.
Like the old adage, how do you eat a rhino? One bite at a time. Just break it down into tasks. To do 20 pages, or whatever suits you. Then do it. I've been doing 25 pages a day. With a Mr Vista day in the middle as a bit of light relief.

Two: Block out time in healthy chunks
I find some people spend more time switching between tasks than actually doing them. Time studies have shown that it is better to do one job thoroughly than chop and change about. So I block out days now. Is it a rewrite day, or a networking day? That keeps the day focused. If it was on the Scriptwriter's Life diagram it would be a coloured circle per day. So I have been going for green last few days solid.

Three: Make it delicious and tasty
Have something to aim for as a motivator. Whatever turns you on baby. I've been looking forward to playing Killzone 2 - cos I'm a nerd.

Like I say, nothing ground breaking here, nothing new. Just stuff that works. But then that's what the topic of this post was anyway. Neat. Get back in the rhino outfits guys and see you at the finish line!

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