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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yakking about Mr Vista on the wireless

Here is an extract of the Pods and Blogs show featuring yours truly talking about Mr Vista.

I also talked about the way that it is made collaboratively from ideas sent in from the audience. But they chopped that bit. Thanks to Steve Keevil for landing the gig via a simple twitter exchange.

Despite, in broadcast terms, having a low audience this show provides a very relevant audience for Mr Vista. Essentially it will be a 100% geek based. That is the Mr Vista fan base after all. Sometimes the numbers aren't important if the relevance is high. As in this case.

Stats - a few extra visitors so far, about 25% up on normal visitors. But I see from how they are visiting that they have to search on google etc for 'mr vista'. Perhaps saying 'mr vista dot net' on the radio isn't a good idea? Could I have meant mister vista or or what? A lesson learnt!

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