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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saxon Bullock: a legend

This man is called Saxon Bullock. That's his real name too.
Normally you wouldn't have to say something like that. But when a man so suits his image you may, dear readers, be tempted to believe that either he, or indeed I, were hoodwinking you. We are not.

So we have established he is Saxon Bullock. What of him? He is an old university chum of mine. In fact he took this very photo of yours truly many a year back. He is a writer and critic and is working on some novels - you can find out more here. But again, so what?

Well I think we can learn something from Saxon. He does it his way. In his case large complex sci-fi novels! Is this always easy? No. Is it commerical? Probably not. Would he change that? Maybe if he really wanted to. But trying to make that complete change in his personality, in his outlook, in this passion, in his heart - well that is energy better spent on his work.

I believe this today more than ever. For all of us. Stick to your guns.

Take me, I like an episodic or sequence approach to writing. No everyone does. If I'm doing a spec script or a personal project then that is how I will work it. Obviously if it is your project then I fit around what you want - but hopefully bringing a piece of this approach to it. Because that's my thing.

Does this always work? Like for Saxon, the answer must be no. It can't. Some people say my stories are too episodic for them. That is feedback I get. But you can't please all the people all the time. And if you know what you like at you stick to it at least you have the passion behind it. Plus when you do finally please some of the people some of the time - they are your kind of people!


Tim Clague said...

Saxon's reply to me:

Thank you so much, sir! And you know something? I wouldn't change anything if I could. I've kind of gotten so used to going the complicated and bizarre (but ultimately more satisfying route) that it wouldn't really feel right doing anything else.

Anonymous said...

Hello Saxon & Tim,

I remember when working at telecine a very dedicated Saxon relentlessly faxing the BBC... he never seemed to do things by halves! Hard work pays off though.

from Natalie

Tim Clague said...

Hard work - or it seems pig-headedness!!! ha ha