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Sunday, April 05, 2009

How to work... slower!

LooP is a script I've been working with my good friend Suki. You can see it on his slate here. It is perhaps best described as a mind warping psychological thriller. But as David Lemon reminded us yet again recently it is crucial to outline the why before the how. Why does your story exist - rather than how does the plot unfold? So here goes...

This is a story about the death of creativity in our post modern era. What happens to a society when all we make are remakes, remixes and reduxs? Where will the new ideas come from?

The story follows a young female video pirate during a single day and night. But the structure is a loop. For the first half she is chased by the mysterious stranger. Slowly she discovers that she is fading away, getting fainter. She realises this is because she has done all this before. And just as a copy is never as clear as an original - she is effects her the same way. She is caught in a loop, each time getting weaker. Now she has to prevent herself from reliving the day again - to stop herself from disappearing completely. The second half therefore she becomes the hunter and realises it was her chasing herself all along.

In this unusual set up she is both the antagonist and the protagonist.

The rationale for this post is my current rewrite process. As you may imagine a complex loop structure like this is where my chart method comes into its own. However over various rewrites the chart has drifted out of date. What started as a process of simply updating the chart to the current draft actually became much more.

It helps with the rewrite - giving a steer for each scene. Each scene has a box on the chart that outlines its purpose. This acts as a check. Does this scene still do what it needs to do? Or has that disappeared or got lost in the process somehow?

Give it a go. It is working for me.

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