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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Vote if you feel you can be bothered...

...and let's get another film into production.

My silly Christmas film is now part of the Babelgum Festival - judges by Spike Lee. So I hope you can help in voting for it and having a laugh watching this film compete against 'proper' films which have such overrated ideas like 'a budget' and 'a story'! Ha ha.

1 - Click here to go to my film called "God versus the Advertising Standards Authority"

2 - To play the video, you’ll need to install the Babelgum player – it only takes a few seconds

3 - In full screen mode, select the green “Vote” button (on the top of the screen, next to the film title) to vote for my entry – or simply wait for the “Vote Now” window to appear at the bottom of the screen

4 - You can only vote when the video is playing in full screen and only once per day

Many thanks.

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