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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Share my mind

Check out if you:

1 - struggle in the brainstorming stages of writing - with your beachcombing for example
2 - want to work on ideas with people who are not sitting right next to you
3 - like to see ideas plotted out clearly
4 - like everything in one place
5 - arent always at the same machine
6 - use a lot of internet resources, links, pictures etc

What this website allows you to do is to create a mind map of your ideas. I've mocked one up a silly quick example above. This is now 'open' so others can work on it too. You can play around with it a bit right now above!

The additional benefit is that you can also embed attachments and links into your map too. Here I have added an image to my 'art' tag and an imdb link to Brando.

A usual resource I feel.

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