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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 'rules' for shorts and 1 great short

Blog reader Stian sent in his recent film which reminded me of my own film 10 Seconds. It also reminded me of these 3 'rules' for writing shorts:

One: Keep them short (but you'd be surprised how many film makers try to do too much) - fast narrative devices help here - like flashbacks and jump cuts.
Two: Have one idea - one is enough for a short. So explore it well rather than add more ideas in there.
Three: The 3.1 act structure. You can still go for a classic 3 act structure with a short. It is not the only way obviously and I have broken this 'rule' many times. But it is a good place to explore using it. The .1 is the end gag, the topper that many shorts have. With this film it is the scream.

1 comment:

Neil said...

What an excellent short. Thanks for posting :)