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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silent Era Pirates

What would Chaplin do?

Or rather, what would you say to Chaplin. You meet him at the pearly gates and he asks about what you did with the moving image in your time...

You had equipment at 1% of the price he did.
You had a way for your films to be seen by millions across the world without the need for expensive film prints.
You had sound, colour, editing.
Your films dont catch fire.
You can do it anywhere in the world.
The edit suite fits in a laptop and you can do it on a train or even a plane.

And so how many 100s of films did you make...?

We should feel the pressure of these pioneers to keep making.

And I hope your films are better than the nonsense that is Mr Vista - my very own Chaplin-esque modern series of techno-misery! This week he tries to download some pirate movies.

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