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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why are you here?

3 stories in Variety caught my eye.

Story one: There are many legal cases (suing, counter suing, lawsuits etc) in Hollywood right now. So many that Variety counted them all up. The hot news is that Warner Bros are currently the top of the charts for being in the courts. Well done to them.
Story two:United Artists need a hit with their film Valkyrie as it cost perhaps up to $150m including marketing costs. It started life as a simple and tight $20m film. But things grew.
Story three:Chris Jones has a short film made, he made it with passion, will probably not get his money back - but he loved doing it.

I feel no need to comment further on these stories.

But I do feel the need to challenge myself and perhaps others. Do we always remember why we are doing this? And do we let ourselves be distracted too easily?

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