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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Opportunity to pitch

Here is an opportunity if you have an idea for online, and if you don't have an idea then get an idea - that's your job...

Call for entries now open for Content 360, MIPTV09’s international competition for new cross media content ideas to engage audiences on digital platforms.

You would be pitching to the BBC, MSN and the National Film Board of Canada. Quite a bit of cash up for grabs so check it out here.

I've entered. With an idea that shares the road movie aspect of Delete Friend? but with a new central character that allows for as much on line and off line interactivity as possible. So its more of the on-line feel.

In that very same spirit here are some extracts from my draft version of my proposal. There is more you have to write, but I don't want blog clog!

Here is the pitch...
"Be right back" - a road movie of a girl with no where to go.

This interactive comedy web series not only reaches out into other virtual spaces, but also out into the real world, becoming truly interactive.

The setup: Rachel Moss is just turning 31. She doesn't like her small flat. She doesn't like her job in marketing. And she doesn't like the people she works with. But that is because they remind her of herself. She has become so distant from life she can't even decide what people want or how to sell to them. Her marching orders are on the cards. She can feel it. And her ex-husband is already hassling her for the divorce settlement.

But there was a time when things were different. Back at college everything seemed possible. If only Rachel could tap back into that potential energy of ambition, that feeling of being in touch, of belonging. Then her career could be saved.

And so Rachel begins a one month sabbatical to visit all her old college friends, men and women, now spread out across the country. 30 friends, 30 days.

Each has gone their separate ways and taken strange career choices. And the journey itself leads Miss Moss into some strange encounters.

Tone: Think 'My Name is Earl' meets 'Where the hell is Matt'

And here are the benefits...
There are four main benefits.
Firstly, this approach is about going out there and getting this missing audience by filling the gap in their entertainment needs. By showing them a character that they recognize but have yet to see presented to them in this manner.

Secondly, it then reaches out from the PC into their world, by inviting them to bring the characters into their locations and situations. This spreads the project and means it has high visibility across the whole of web as local people post about their involvement in the filming. All good (and free) publicity.

Thirdly, the audience is being primed to participate in other elements of MSN. Clearly Rachel's decision to hook up with old friends, to keep in touch with new friends and to blog about what she is learning in life should inspire the audience to do the same. And when they do - they are already on the platform that allows them to do it.

Lastly, this proposition and project is not limited to any geographic region and so could be shot in the US or Europe.

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