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Monday, January 26, 2009

It is all about...

...oh yeah, timing!

Which can be, not good or bad exactly, but rather favourable or unfavourable to your project. This is out of our hands. It is luck. Will our project align with current events, clash with them, or seem irrelevant to them? What do I mean by this?

Well let's reflect on the Circumference proposal.

This was a bold proposition to combine a new way of funding a film with new distribution channels. The timing for that idea was good - when we launched it, but now less so. The timing is awful now for seeking high risk advertising money. That is long gone.

But, the timing is good, beyond good in fact - it is amazing - for the topic of the script. Remember that the lead character in the story is someone in financial sales - a banker. So before, 2 years ago, this character was having a low-drama life. The script notes coming back were around his lack of jeopardy, that he was comfortable, that he had nothing to lose, his starting place was too powerful. The timing has changed that for me. Now is the time of great drama in a person like that's life. Everyone hates him for ruining the economy. He is basically waiting for the final curtain. His gig is up and he has nowhere to go. Now when you add in a romantic interest who offers a way out - you can suddenly see the emotional appeal. The relationship now makes sense.

In many ways I would say that the timing has fixed the script problems.

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